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The New Digital Magazine You’ve Been Burning For!

And yes, I’m the publisher and really hope you like it.

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Are you…
Tired of boring, uptight food magazines that are more about attitude than food?

Hungry for a publication that shares your passion for grilling, BBQ, and the hot stuff?

Excited by exotic locations, unique cuisine, chile peppers, barbecue, grilling, cool drinks, great recipes, sharp knives, and cutting-edge chefs?

Burn! Magazine is your antidote for all the look-alike “food porn” mags. Sassy, sharp, informative, and written by contributors who know and love fiery foods and barbecue as much as you do, Burn! will take you places no other food magazine dares to go.

Read more about Burn! monthly digital magazine and the Burn! Blog here.

AboutDave Dewitt

Dave is known in the media as "The Pope of Peppers" because of the 36 books he's written on chile peppers and spicy food around the world. He's also co-producer of the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show and editor and publisher of the Fiery Foods & Barbecue SuperSite at His latest book, with chile breeder Dr. Paul Bosland, is The Complete Chile Pepper Book.

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