MexGrocer Welcomes Chef Deborah Schneider

Chef Deborah Schneider
We’re extremely pleased to have Chef Deborah Schnider join the MexGrocer family of authors. She understands the true nature of helping our readers and customers to learn more about the deep roots of Mexican cooking. She explained to us how the best way to learn is the kitchen from the experts. And those experts are not other fancy chefs and culinary legends, but rather the people who – with passion – have cooked their favorite Mexican dishes to the people they love the most: friends, family or their customers at local restaurants.

After ten years of research and being so close to Mexico Chef Deb has published 4 books related to Mexican Cooking. Today, we’re delighted to have her help you learn creative recipes and cooking classes through our MexGrocer TV food channel.

Chef Deb at SOL Cocina
Today, as Executive Chef/Partner of SOL Mexican Cocina in Newport Beach and Scottsdale, Deborah Schneider introduces a fresh and different approach to Mexican cuisine. Gathering inspiration from taco bars and roadside stalls in Baja and street-side trucks in Tijuana, as well as extensive travels in Mexico, she revamps traditional Mexican flavors, delivering fresh, new ways to “do” Mexican in a casual setting. Learn more about Chef Deb.

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  1. Chef mexicano,representante de la clasica y moderna cocina mexicana en el mundo.
    chef socio restaurant candelas en la ciudad de san diego,
    Me gustaria mucho poder colaborar con ustedes y apoyarlos en la promocion de la gastronomia mexicana
    pueden encontrar informacion de un servidor en yahoo o google,solo escribiendo mi nombre,
    chef deborah schinider me conoce bien de tijuana.
    Seria un palcer como chef mexicano y reconocido
    chef martin san roman

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