Video of Mexico by Pro Mexico

Video of Mexico by ProMexico offers a more current view of today’s Mexico

ProMexico is the Mexican Government entity in charge of strengthening Mexico’s participation in the international economy. It was established on June 2007 through a Presidential Decree as a public trust under the Ministry of the Economy. Pro Mexico operates with 52 offices in 21 countries. Some of the US ProMexico offices include: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and Miami.

Here are some of today’s Mexico facts

Population of over 105 million people
4.5 million Trucks crossing Mexico US border every year
52 crossing points with the USA
Rule of Law
Steady growth and low inflation
Latin America’s preferred destination for foreign investment
One of the world’s largest economies
Third trade partner with the US after China and Canada
Economic stability
A growing aerospace industry
New tourist destinations
Over 15 billion dollars of metal mechanic industry exports
Growing investment in renewable energy
Territory of 772,000 sq miles (2 million sq kms)
10th largest motor vehicle producer in the world
Expanding road and railroad network
New sea ports
Low class logistic capabilities
Commercial Treaties & agreements with 44 countries
New airports

Pro Mexico
Pro Mexico

You may contact ProMexico in the US at:

ProMexico Business Representative in Los Angeles, CA
Mario Juárez
350 South Figueroa St., World Trade Center Suite 296
Los Angeles, California, 90071
Phone: (213) 628-1220 ext. 296
Fax: (213) 628 84 66

ProMexico Business Representative in Chicago, IL
Miguel Angel Leaman
225 North Michigan Ave. Suite 1800
Chicago, Illinois
Phone: (312) 856 03 16
Fax: (312) 856 18 34

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