Archive News Receives Strategic Business Development Award at NPF 2010 received the Strategic Business Development Award at the National Postal Forum 2010 in Nashville, TN on April 13, 2010. During the opening speech by Jack Potter, Postmaster General and CEO for the U.S. Postal Service, he mentions:

“We are going to focus most importantly on innovation, on growth, on making sure we deliver the mail (day-in and day-out). The people we are honoring today, are the people that are innovating. These are the folks who have taken the tools that are out there and have figured out how to use those tools to better themselves, but more importantly, the people we are honoring today are the leaders.”

“These are the folks that not only do it for themselves, but then turn around and share what they’ve learned with others and help everyone better use the mail.”

“… these are the people we learn from. We don’t teach them, they teach us. And that’s what is all about.” is Award Winner at the National Postal Forum 2010
Strategic Business Development Award Presentation (right to left): Jack Potter, Nacho Hernandez, Drew Aliperto, and Patrick Donahoe.

For MexGrocer, this award is recognized thanks to the consulting implementation by integrated partner AME Systems for the Endicia Internet Postage Service (a service from Envelope Manager Software) to increase volume of shipping orders through the United States Postal Service (USPS). On behalf of the Company, Nacho Hernandez, Co-Founder and Vice President of, received this award. There were a total of 3 out 5,000 clients from Endicia that received an award during the ceremony. It’s interesting to note that among the winners, there were mostly large corporations like, General Motors, Trader Joe’s, AT&T Inc., Nike Inc, Time Warner Inc., Ford Motor Company, and many others (for a total of 35 companies being recognized) in three categories: Creative Business Solutions Award; Strategic Business Development Award; and Corporate Business Achievement Award.

NPF 2010 at Endicia Booth with Amine Khechfe, Nacho Hernandez and Candy Booth.
NPF 2010 at Endicia Booth with Amine Khechfe, Nacho Hernandez and Candy Booth.
During the NPF 2010 Conference, Amine Khechfe, General Manager of Endicia and Nacho Hernandez from MexGrocer, presented the case study, “Leveraging USPS Technology and Discounts to Save Shippers Money” to demonstrate how companies like utilize the technological innovations of the USPS to save money. MexGrocer provided its testimonial to show how its company benefits from USPS efficiencies by using Endicia’s Platinum Shipper product and details how much money they save by shipping with USPS instead of private carriers. The workshop showed attendees how to examine their shipping mix, understand surcharges levied by private carriers, and how to access USPS benefits with online post. Below a quick video summary of the case study.

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