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Clams with Chorizo? Absolutely!

Steamed Clams with Chorizo It’s hard to imagine the combination of spicy Mexican chorizo with clams, but this recipe really works!  It takes just 15 minutes (or less) of preparation time and 15 minutes of cooking.  Give it a try to surprise your guests. 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 pound ground chorizo sausage 3 cloves …


Carne Adobada for Breakfast? You Bet!

Being a chilehead, I love hot and spicy breakfasts, like scrambled eggs with chorizo or green chile omelets.  But it’s hard to beat a breakfast that combines carne adobada with eggs and home-fried potatoes. Carne Adobada This simple but tasty dish evolved from the need to preserve meat without refrigeration since chile acts as an …

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