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At Home Coffee House Mocha

SuperSite food editor Emily DeWitt writes: Four dollars for a mocha? I don’t think so. Make a coffee house mocha at home. For a stronger coffee taste substitute the brewed coffee with 4 shots of brewed espresso. You can find the Chocolate Drink Mix at 3 cups milk 1 cup of brewed coffee 1 …


Carne Adovada Burrito for Breakfast

Here’s one of my favorite breakfast dishes. New Mexico Carne Adovada Burritos This variation of an ancient recipe evolved from the need to preserve meat before refrigeration.  The red chile acts as an antioxidant and prevents the meat from spoiling.  Such technical details should not detract from the fact that this simple dish is incredibly …


Carne Adobada for Breakfast? You Bet!

Being a chilehead, I love hot and spicy breakfasts, like scrambled eggs with chorizo or green chile omelets.  But it’s hard to beat a breakfast that combines carne adobada with eggs and home-fried potatoes. Carne Adobada This simple but tasty dish evolved from the need to preserve meat without refrigeration since chile acts as an …

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