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Sweet Heat for Your Valentine!

Guest Post by Nancy Gerlach. The tradition of exchanging cards on St. Valentines Day began during the Middle Ages. The giving of flowers to attract the attention of a new partner also originated in Europe. Over the years, sweets and candy were added to the list of popular Valentine gifts. And of all the sweets, …


Two Opinions of Food in Mexico in the 1880s

Everybody in Mexico is said to eat tortillas, and their preparation, which is always assigned to the women, seems to employ their whole time, “to the exclusion of any care of the dwelling, their children, or themselves.” Foreigners, especially Americans, find them detestable. Another standard article of Mexican diet is boiled beans (frijoles). Meat is …


At Home Coffee House Mocha

SuperSite food editor Emily DeWitt writes: Four dollars for a mocha? I don’t think so. Make a coffee house mocha at home. For a stronger coffee taste substitute the brewed coffee with 4 shots of brewed espresso. You can find the Chocolate Drink Mix at 3 cups milk 1 cup of brewed coffee 1 …


Hot Chocolate Float

I have appointed my niece, Emily DeWitt-Cisneros, as food editor of the Fiery Foods and Barbecue SuperSite, and one of her duties will be to help out on this blog by developing recipes using products sold by MexGrocer.  Here’s her first one. Hot Chocolate Float Who doesn’t like an ice cream sundae? This is one …

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