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Fiery Foods Bookazine to Hit Newsstands

On June 28th, my latest publication, entitled “Popular Plates: Fiery Foods” will hit all the major newsstands in the U.S., including Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Borders, Costco–all the big box stores.  The publisher, Source Interlink Media is printing 200,000 copies, which is by far the largest print run of any of my publications.  Essentially, …


French-Mexican Chiles en Nogada

“Mexico City, 1910. Elegant Mexicans eat in French. They prefer the crêpe to its poor relation of native birth, the corn tortilla. Oeufs en cocotte to the humble huevos rancheros. They find béchamel sauce more worthy than guacamole, that delicious but excessively indigenous mixture of avocados, tomatoes, and chile. Faced with foreign peppers or Mexican …


Viva Tortillas!

Tortillas, both corn and flour, have been the basis of Mexican and Southwestern cooking for centuries. No one knows precisely when the first corn tortillas were made from primitive corn called teosinte that was ground on stone metates, but from the archaeological record it was certainly many thousands of years ago. When the Spanish arrived …


Dining with the Aztecs

In preparing and cooking their food, the Aztecs displayed their usual ingenuity, though many of their dishes were of a very simple character. Maize, or Indian corn, when in the milk, was eaten boiled; when dry, it was parched or roasted, though it usually came to table in the shape of tortillas, then, as now, …

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