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Spicy Holiday Snacks

Ah, the holidays…when friends can drop in unexpectedly and expect to be fed. Don’t be caught unprepared! Here in New Mexico, a really great party always contains some spicy munchies. Chile peppers can be found in every course, from drinks and appetizers to entrees and even dessert. In addition to holiday entertaining, these snacks go …


It’s Time for a Michelada!

Michelada is a popular cocktail south of the border that has recently traveled north. It’s a drink most Americans aren’t familiar with unless they’ve traveled in Mexico or live in the border states. Essentially it’s a cocktail prepared with beer and hot sauce that’s served over ice, and is very refreshing in the tropical heat. …


The Tomato Harvest Begins!

I just harvested about twenty pounds of tomatoes from my garden.  This is going to be one of the better harvests of the last few years, so let’s do something with them! Chiltomate (Roasted Habanero-Tomato Sauce) This simple, all-purpose sauce calls for roasting the vegetables, a process that is typical of Yucatán and imparts a …

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