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Deep-Fried Arizona Monkey Business

Many people think that deep-fried heaven is a chimichanga, the suffed, deep-fried tortilla that was born in some Arizona restaurant, probably in Tucson. The appearance chimichangas smothered with sour cream has outraged some purists. “As for the person who slopped sour cream on a chimichanga, or any Mexican food,” said railroader Joe Lancaster, “I use …


Cabo Here We Come!

My wife Mary Jane and I are joining our friends Bill and Roberta for a week at their house in Cabo San Lucas at the bottom of Baja California.  Of course, I will have a complete report when I return, but before I leave I wanted to give you a preview of what’s to come.  …


French-Mexican Chiles en Nogada

“Mexico City, 1910. Elegant Mexicans eat in French. They prefer the crêpe to its poor relation of native birth, the corn tortilla. Oeufs en cocotte to the humble huevos rancheros. They find béchamel sauce more worthy than guacamole, that delicious but excessively indigenous mixture of avocados, tomatoes, and chile. Faced with foreign peppers or Mexican …


Spring Asparagus is Coming!

Asparagus is probably the most revered spring vegetable. I recall that when I lived in Los Chavez, between Belen and Los Lunas in New Mexico, the wild asparagus would sprout beneath the cottonwood trees and I could collect as much of it as I wanted. This was before the Internet, so I was constantly combing …

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