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In the Mood for Swiss Enchiladas

As we all know enchiladas are usually made with a chile-based sauce; enchiladas rojas with tomatoes, enchiladas verdes with tomatillos, enchiladas de mole with mole, and so forth. These enchiladas however, not only have a cream-based sauce, and the chile is just a flavoring, but are also baked! Things have changed very much since I …

Pork and Turkey Dish


The first Spaniards to be introduced to the turkey in 1511, were the castaways of the caravel “Santa Lucía” during a voyage from St. Maria of Darien, a colony situated between Panama and Colombia, and the island of “La Española”, currently known as Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The commanders Guerrero and Aguilar were greeted …


A Unique Thanksgiving, Anyone?

We now have two unique Thanksgiving dinners that are far from ordinary.  How about a Chile Lover’s Mexican Thanksgiving, featuring: Mole Poblano de Guajolote (Turkey in Chocolate Chile Sauce) Mole Poblano Enchiladas Puebla Rice Pilaf Ensalada de Espinaca con Nopalitos (Spinach Salad with Prickly Pear Cactus) Sopa de Lima (Lime Soup with Tortilla Strips and …


Posole for the Holidays

The holidays are coming soon, and here in New Mexico, posole is traditionally served from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. Posole is one of the easiest and most basic methods of preparing corn and chile. This ancient dish is probably the earliest form of stew developed in the New World and is an ancestor of the …


World Record Nacho!

I’m sure that you’ve been on the edge of your seat wondering if the world record for nacho-making has been broken.  Here is the MexGrocer semi-exclusive report:


The Lust for Mexican Food

“Mexican food is an aphrodisiac which excites the passion for living. The cuisine is like a historical novel which has a gorgeously wanton redhead on its dust jacket. Perhaps within the novel, but most certainly within the presence of Mexican food, history, grandeur, violence, amor and tyranny are offered to the jaded.” –Richard Condon, author …


Fiery Foods Now Available Worldwide

Mail-Order Copies Now Available! My popular bookazine on chile peppers and fiery foods will be on the newsstands of all the big box stores for another month, but for convenience it is now available for ordering single copies internationally, or a 9-issue subscription to Popular Plates, the real name of the magazine.  There are many …


Perfect Santa Fe Enchiladas

From my new bookazine, Popular Plates Fiery Foods, on newsstands everywhere (see earlier post), here is one of my favorite recipes, Perfect Santa Fe Enchiladas.  Forget ground beef–it’s so, well, mundane.  Go for the machaca instead and you won’t be sorry. Perfect Santa Fe Enchiladas Cooking the perfect Santa Fe Enchiladas from scratch is a …

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