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Pimientos de Padrón: “Spanish Roulette”

Of course, Mexico provided the first peppers to Spain way back in 1493, but now Spain has developed their own favorite varieties and some have migrated back to the Western Hemisphere, like pimientos de padrón, which are sometimes called “Spanish roulette” because from pod to pod you don’t know whether or not it will be …


Cold and Spicy Soup on a Hot Summer’s Day!

It’s from Spain, but in New Mexico, we spice it up.  From my new bookazine, Popular Plates Fiery Foods, on newsstands everywhere! Spicy Gazpacho (Andalusian Cold Tomato Soup) From Sharon Hudgins, who collected this recipe while on assignment in Spain for Chile Pepper magazine, comes this observation: “Gazpacho was originally a simple peasant dish, consisting …

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